taskbar clock in kde frozen (20180316)

My clock is stuck at “4:24:38 PM” … anyone else seeing their taskbar clock get stuck? I think that’s when I locked the screen yesterday. Ooh, this is worse than I thought, all the program buttons are stuck on the task bar after closing everything down to reboot. So it’s not the clock, but the taskbar is having issues updating overall.

I think that what you have called the “taskbar” is the Plasma desktop “Default Panel”.

Your symptoms could be the result of a failed icon or font file installation, or a bad panel configuration.

For the former try “zypper dup -d” followed, on successful completion, by “zypper dup”. If you are using an alien repository other than Packman, e.g. for a proprietary graphics driver, ensure that it is in sync with the current Tumbleweed distribution (snapshot).

For the latter “Unlock Widgets”, “Panel Settings,” “Remove this Panel” by right-clicking on the rightmost part of the default panel (usually to the right of the clock). Then a further right-click on an unoccupied part of the desktop and select “Add Panel”, “Default Panel” – this may appear a the top or side of the screen, but can be moved, resized, etc.

Nope, I’m just running stock Tumbleweed + manual nVidia driver install (twiki’s “the hard way”). I updated to 20180319 and rebooted, hopefully the issue doesn’t repeat. I think basically the “default panel” froze.

Was this right after an upgrade session? If so, did the zypper ouput say anything about programs/processes needing restart? Any additional widgets involved?

I always reboot, rebuild nv driver + mkinitrd, and reboot again.

I think this may be a problem with the nvidia drivers. I had the panel locking on me (nearly missed an appointment because the clock froze) using the proprietary nvidia drivers installed the ‘easy way’ on Leap 42.3.
Since I don’t play zap games I switched to the nouveau drivers and the panel was then OK - at least until last night’s kernel update to 4.4.120-45 after which my PC wouldn’t even boot with nouveau. Switching back to the nvidia drivers means the PC boots again but I now have to wait and see if the panel freezes again.

You could be right, but my gut instinct wants to say that a single process freezing up wrt gui updates isn’t a driver problem. I would want to put money on it being a problem with the panel code. I will try to get an strace or ptrace next time.