Task manager text color?

So I have discovered that there appears to be no way to change the colors of the task manager bar/panel in any of the system settings, or else the option is hidden somewhere as I have not been able to find anyone who has found a setting for it. I like the transparent bar, but I have a dark background and the black text of the task manager is unreadable. I just recently installed 12.1, I was using 11.4, and this wasn’t much of an issue before as at some point there was a glitch in the panel and it turned a gray color and never changed back so I could always see the text. This seems very odd that this capability is either not there, or very difficult to change, since linux/KDE is incredibly customizable in all other respects and you can change the color of practically everything else. Perhaps when I have time I will try messing around with it to make that capability, but for now I just need to find any way to change the color. I see that under the workspace appearance -> Desktop Theme -> Details you can change the whole color scheme for your theme, but I don’t want to change the whole color scheme, just that one color. Does anyone know how I might be able to modify the file that contains the color settings for a theme so I could change that one setting?

This is KDE 4.7

For the time being I was trying to find a pre made theme that would have the colors I want, and installing new themes from the Install New Themes button on the themes settings page doesn’t seem to work. It says they are installed but they are not in the menu.