"Task-Manager" in KDE 4

Exists in KDE 4 a taskmanager like someone is in GNOME…
Last time i tasted KDE 4 i couldn t find some to quit crashed programs…

I mean is such a program in KDE 4 in included? And where i can find it…

Yes, KDE 4 does have Task Manager.

Just right click on panel -> Add Widgets -> Task Manager -> Add Widget

Hit ctrl and esc at the same time.

Oops did’n realize he’s asking system monitor thing :expressionless:

Also, when a window crashes/freezes, press Alt+F2 and type “xkill” without quotes. Your mouse cursor changes into a skull symbol. Then click on the freezed window, it’ll be terminated.

A faster way of killing programs would be ctrl-alt-esc, and you get the skull-pointer.

I know that there are terminal/console commands to kill a crashed program, but i asked for a graphical program like the system-monitor in GNOME…a always ready tool with a list where i can see the running programs and can close it if it is needed…:wink:

I just found it


In case I was unclear: the methods mentioned above are graphical. The ctrl-esc method essentially brings forth a “minimal” ksysguard. Minimal meaning that, for all intents and purposes, the only thing missing is the “System load” tab.

Even better: open a terminal and enter ‘top’.