task manager disapeared!

i changed background wallpaper, suddenly task manager(tray) disappeared! now i
can’t use kinternet and some of other applications which are located in task manager because they are running and i can’t select them!

how can i get it back? is the problem with resolution?
also i enable desktop effects, after logging-out or restart system it disables!

it’s picture of disappeared task manager(tray), and desktop effects

You can add a new tray with the add widget

If your determined to use kde4 you might want to move on to 4.1
If you don’t know how - ask.
But make sure you have kde3 installed first and disable auto login.

i will be pleasant if u help me install kde4.1
but how to disable auto login?

to disable auto login:Yast- user and group management
there is a expert options at lower right and you can select login settings
then finish

To install kde 4.1 might not be that good an idea (because if you need me to tell you - you are likely to run in to trouble)
This is the one click
HOWEVER if you are running 64 bit you need to add the repo manually
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.0

you may also want
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Extra-Apps/openSUSE_11.0
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.0_KDE4_Factory_Desktop