Task bar SuSE 11.1 KDE4

SuSE 11.1 and KDE4
After installing Nvidia drivers the auto hide feature of the task bar acts funny , icons on the right move up and down independent of the task bar when task bar is opening and hiding , the icons will jump up and then task bar , and down the task bar goes first then the icons .
Also after boot the task bar will not respond unless I position the cursor on top of it and click several times to make it appear .
Also gray back ground behind icons goes black , before Nvidia driver task bar and icons were in sync with each other and back ground color stayed gray as it should .
Nvidia 180.17 , did it as well with YaST Nvidia 177.xx driver .

Same here on KDE 4.2 beta with my intel chip. So it’s not (just) an Nvidia issue.