Task bar does not appear sometimes on 2nd-4th desktops / Multiple languages

Hi. I’m using 11.3 with english and espanol. The Gnome desktop is now a little erratic.

It seems that the first time I switched to espanol, problems occurred on the desktop. All the icons disappeared. I had to go to the /home/user/desktop folder and copy out the icons. That was a simple task.

Sometimes when I boot however, the taskbar will appear on the first desktop, but when I switch to a different desktop- there will either be no desktop icons, no taskbar, or both. I can enter Ctrl/Esc to bring up the Computer user-menu to start applications fine. I just can’t get off of that (desktop) island.

When I switch to espanol on one desktop, the other ones do not follow suit. I’m thinking that somehow the inconsistencies are affecting Gnome?

Sometimes, I can’t switch the languages at all. The desktop is frozen, so to speak. Sometimes, only one desktop will allow me to switch. It’s all kinda of strange.

Sometimes everything works great- all the desktops are there in their completeness, and I can switch languages no problem.

The Gnome configuration editor is vrs. 2.30.0 When I go to the Yast | Software Manager app, and filter by ‘Installed’, the Gnome-panel description shows ‘Gnome 2.x Desktop Panel’.

It’s not a big, big problem, as I just do a virtual ‘roll the dice’ and reboot, to see what comes up the next time. Usually in a couple of boots, a fully working Gnome environment emerges.