I am trying to make a script that will backup all the files on my current installation…minus a few. The problem I am, or will be, running into is file size. I’m backing it up to a fat32 partition and then will be copying to another drive to have multiple copies. However, once my installation grows, it will eventually go past the max file size limit for fat32. So the question is how do I split the files with tar, or another app, while backing up and I would like them named with a .part# at the end of them, consecutively.
Current script:

# Full backup of file system
echo "Full backup of file system!"
sudo tar cvvvpzf /media/Data/backup/Backup-`date +%Y-%m-%d`.tar.gz / --directory=/ --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/media --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/tmp --exclude=/sys --exclude=/var/lock --exclude=/var/run --exclude=/var/tmp --exclude=/var/cache
echo "Backup complete!"

Send the output of tar to stdout instead of to a file and pipe it to split with the -b option to specify the number of bytes in each part. See the man page of split for how to control the names of the generated files and the suffix for each part.

Thank you!!:slight_smile: