taleo does not work

Hi. I’m trying to open some forms to fill out for a new job. They are on a taleo powered job site and they open but I can’t enter in information in the fields to fil out. I’m using the latest firefox.
Any ideas how I can get this to work or does it require windows??
Says it’s powered by oracle 2021

The chances are, that the employment recruiter has “ignored” Linux – despite Oracle’s Taleo being “something in the Cloud” – <https://www.oracle.com/human-capital-management/taleo/> …

  • What happens if, you attempt to apply for a job via your mobile telephone?

[INDENT=2]Regardless of whether your telephone is Android or Apple – both are *NIX …

It won’t work on my iphone either. I asked HR and they said it has to be done on a desktop or laptop.

They probably mean “Microsoft Windows” (narrow minded as they are).

Would it work using windows iso file inside virtualbox? I’d be willing to try that. I looked and could not find a version for leap 15.3.

Well I tried it on windows 10 in a virtual box and they still don’t work.