Taking web tracking scripts to a new level...

I’ve just had this little gem passed on to me by a colleague – Interesting or alarming, depending upon one’s point of view.

From a blog by researchers at Princeton University. “This is the first post in our “No Boundaries” series, in which we reveal how third-party scripts on websites have been extracting personal information in increasingly intrusive ways.


Thanks for the link. There is indeed cause to worry. I use noscript in FF, and many, many sites use a dozen or more third-party sites, and I routinely see some of those mentioned in the article, blocked. However I’m under the impression that at least some sites can’t be used - or loose functionality - if these sites are blocked. google-analytics - that this forum uses! - can be blocked without apparent issues.

Perhaps it’s time to take a look at ghostery or other plugin that identify or block these sites from a blacklist.

But the think about session recording, including kestrokes and mouse movements, and it’s transmission on http and not https is really scary, it negates all the https advantages - worse, it gives you a false sense of security.