Taking the Tumble into Tumbleweed


I am not Linux power user and barely know anything about the command line and troubleshooting an installation. But, in my heart of hearts, I’ve always wanted to run something other than Windows or MacOS (with which I have a great deal of expertise, actually). Therefore, for the last 10 -15 years, I have run one Linux distro or another on my home PCs, relying on the GNOME graphical desktop environment to get everyday tasks accomplished. I will tell you all that Ind I LOVE LINUX!

People like me tend to distro hop a lot, looking for a disto that has that perfect balance of pizzazz with its new features and application packages and stability, so that we don’t need to contend with a lot of cryptic troubleshooting. Let me tell you, even though I’m a Linux idiot compared to most of the posters to this forum, I’ve had years of experience with each of the distros Ubuntu, Fedora, RHEL and, for the last five or so years, openSUSE. I’ve used Leap 15.1 through 15.3 and have found it to be the most stable, yet feature-packed of all the distros I have ever used.

About a week ago, however, I started hearing the buzz about the new GNOME environment and wanted to give it a try. So, I backed up all my stuff to an external hard drive and installed the new Ubuntu 21.10 to my system to give it a spin. I absolutely loved the new GUI but very quickly discovered that the distro had bugs right where I could see them and experience them, so I became immediately dis-satisfied with the Ubuntu offering. Fortunately, Fedora 35 just dropped a couple days ago, sporting the new GNOME desktop, as well. So, I wiped my drive, again, an installed that OS. Once again, I loved the GUI but became immediately aware of bugs that, though minor to some, were right in the middle of my initial setup task–things like installing my wireless printer, for instance. After unsuccessfully trying to submit a bug to the Fedora Bugzilla, I grudgingly admitted to myself that a new GNOME experience was not in my immediate future and revisited the openSUSE sight to download the newly-released quarterly spin of Leap 15.3. But then, I had a thought:

If I was willing to give Fedora a try, with its very frequent release schedule, why not give openSUSEs rolling release a go? After all, it couldn’t be worse that Ubuntu 21.10 or Fedora 35 . . .

I installed and configured this Tumbleweed instance, just last night. I’ve updated proprietary video and media codecs, I’ve installed my printer with but an afterthought and installed additional software. I have found that, like openSUSE Leap 15.3, all of Tumbleweeds software just seems to work.


A surgeon who I knew many years ago once bragged to me about a new Mercedes Benz sedan that he had recently purchased. “Aaron,” he said, “German engineering beats the Hell outta everything else.” Well, I see now that he was right.

Tumbleweed is only on Day Two with me but it has already passed my finicky sniff tests. Well done, openSUSE!

Is gnome on tumbleweed stable enough? re: extension makers not updating extensions to support newer gnome versions right away and even up to a year after.

Stable as heck here, no issues with the extensions I use, all updated for GNOME 41.x. It did take a few days for them to come through, but most where just metadata.json updates to add 41 in the list… I only have a few, appindicatorsupprt, openweather auto-move-windows, user-theme and lockkeys.

OMG! I’m just noticing a ton of typos in my post. I’m sorry about that, all. I now feel so ashamed … NOT!

Why not give openSUSE’s rolling release a go if I’m prepared to test Fedora with its frequent release schedule? It couldn’t be worse than Ubuntu 21.10 or Fedora 35, after all. . .