Tags blocked and popup garbage entering messages

I can’t enter tags that aren’t on the search list. The list is so limited, as to be a worthless item. It needs to changed back to regular text line block.

I don’t need the garbage popup, “Your text is similar too.” It pops up at least 10+ times per post, really infuriating. That must be turned off by default.


Turn off the preview window by default. It’s worthless to have a preview before I’ve even finished typing my message. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea what you are talking about. Enter tags. Where, how, what???

Please when you start topic with a question, first lean back and think over how you ask people for help that have no idea what you are doing or are using. Almost nobody here is clairvoyant.

I could be mistaken here, as the post is unclear.

I think he is talking about starting a new forum post, where it asks for the category and optional tags. If I’m correct, then he should have posted this in “Forums Feedback”.

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Well, at least one clairvoyant member is found here! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s what it appears to me to be as well - so I have moved it to the proper category.

To @lord_valarian’s questions:

  1. The tags are limited because if everyone can create any tag they want, then tags become meaningless as a way of categorizing anything. Our initial implementation has had limited tags to mimic the subforum structure we had in the old software.

  2. The “text is similar to” functionality cannot be disabled to my knowledge. It’s there to help people search for things that might be related to the question they’re writing so they can get an answer without asking a question. It’s generally helpful functionality, especially with a large message base (and we imported the messages from the old forums, so we have that).

  3. The preview window is useful for those who use formatting - but as with the “text is similar to” functionality, there’s no configuration option to disable the preview window.

We do appreciate your feedback, though, and as the platform sees more use, we will keep it in mind.


Good, hopefully something can be done about this design issue.

I have to manually turn preview off before every message.

I search the internet first, sometimes for days to find a solution. Then, I post on the forums. Many times, I’ve found solutions on opensuse forums on an internet search.

‘This post is similar too’ is not helpful. I’m aware of and use the forums search function.

Thank you for your consideration.