Tablet Genius G-Pen f 610

Hello, I’m having troubles with my new tablet (Genius G-Pen F 610). I have found some tips how to make it work but nothing was ok. Tablet is correctly connected, but if I touch it with pen, computer stops working, I can’t do anything and diplay freeze in horizontaly-moved position (I mean the top of display is shown somewhere id the midlle).

Can anyone help me?

Sorry there should be “somewhere IN the middle” ;)…

tablets seem a bit problematic;
you might try to find a more specialist forum on linux:
here is a thread on getting a tablet PC going:
Linux Tablet PC experiences - on

see if this query in Nabble is any use to you:
Nabble - Search for ‘Genius tablet’

in contrast, this user on an Ubuntu forum, got his tablet working;
[ubuntu] Genius G-pen F610 tablet with Hardy - Ubuntu Forums](