table formatting missing divider?

I just wonder if other people are seeing the same tiny cosmetic bug that I am in the forum output. In a table of topics or of forums, there is a missing horizontal divider between around the 7th and 8th item. I haven’t looked closely to see if it’s always after the 7th item, but it seems to appear reliably.

Hi Ken - Which skin do you see this in? I just had a look at all three skins and can’t see what you are seeing. Perhaps you could upload a screen shot in the screenshots forum to point me to (???) Also…which browser are you using? Thanks!

I’ve created a screenshot thread:

mssing horizontal divider - openSUSE Forums

I’m using the openSUSE basic skin in FF3. On OpenSUSE 11.0 naturally.


Thanks for the screenshot. You’re actually missing a vertical line as well on the right side. Does this only happen in search results or at other times too? Is there any one particular search scenario that produces this? I’m using FF3 on SLED and don’t see the same thing.

Anyone else see this?

Thanks Ken. Hopefully we can track it down.

It also happens on the main forum selector too. I’ve added another screenshot. And I’ve seen it happen more than once on a screen.

Very strange. I’ve had different people around here try it with different pc systems/configurations and I can’t reproduce it. I’ll get some of the moderators to do some testing if I can. Curious: What happens if you switch skins…does this anomoly appear in other skins? Is it still there when you switch back?

Still curious if anyone else out there in the community can reproduce it.

Sorry I don’t have a “fix” for you right now. I can’t fix what I can’t reproduce! At least it’s not critical.

In the OpenSUSE default skin there are no horizontal dividers or if there are they are not visible to me. I switched to default and then back to basic but the missing divider persists.

I’ve attached a dump of the page source to the other thread. There’s a missing divider after the smpppd item and after the “very sad” item.

Here, it is in line 6 and the third line from the bottom of page when using firefox. With konqueror there is no missing line

This is just a table row/column border so I really don’t understand it. By chance have you guys tweaked your browser fonts at all as that is about the only thing I can think of offhand that could cause this.

I didn’t do anything with firefox

Me neither.

Looks like a problem with firefox linux version.
I tried firefox in windows and all lines are visible

Except I’ve asked numerous people with numerous configurations of firefox and Linux and windows and in no situation can we reproduce it. I can’t even understand it because there are no div tags in the affected area and it’s just a table border.

Since it isn’t a critical issue and only in one template, I’ll keep it in mind and watch for other reports and try to find a common thread to cause it.

I don’t see it either. Could you post a screenshot of where this happens?

He already did. See message #3 in this thread.

ken_yap open a thread in the screenshot section showing this issue
mssing horizontal divider - openSUSE Forums

Please delete this post, this is just a double post from the above by kgroneman.

Please delete this post, this is just a double post from the above by kgroneman.

Naw…you said it better than I did. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the complement.:slight_smile:

My first thought is that there might be something wrong with the table code for that particular row, but I checked the code and it’s valid (it’s OK); lots of divs inside of the table cells though. I’ll take a look at the source code for the page when I can.

This is just a table row/column border so I really don’t understand it.

Table rows and cells can be styles individually by CSS as well, although they don’t seem to be styled here. But It could be as ‘simple’ as whitespace moving too far to the top/bottom and thereby obscuring the top/bottom border of the table row.

That was my thought and why I asked if they had played with font sizes.