T60p, wireless no-go, 11.0

After dabbling around with Ubuntu, Mint, PCLinuxOS, I decided to give openSUSE a try.

Thinkpad T60p, with the Intel Pro 3945 abg card. Install appeared to go fine. She gets online fine with the ethernet card. However…wireless…I’m spinning my wheels.

Both network cards show up in YaST,Network Devices, Network Settings.

Under Global Options tab, the radio button is checked for “User Controlled with Network Manager”. However, whatever I do, I just cannot seem to get her to see available networks…and latch onto them.

What appears to be the Network Manager, down in the lower right corner (what I would call systray in the windows world)…if I right click that, it shows wlan0 and eth0, New COnnection, Deactiveate, and Edit Connections. But nothing to browse. I try to edit the wireless and type in the SSID , WPA PSK, type in the passwork…but never gets connected.

Seeking help. A relative newcomer to *nix also, even though competent in the windows world.

Seemed to have gotten it, found another thread back a ways here…they mentioned installing updated Compat drivers, I found some from August of this year…apparently working, as I’m posting from it.

Now onto troubleshooting why enhanced graphics theme doesn’t work, this laptop has the v5200 ATI FireGL card, which openSUSE appears to recognize fine. Just cannot apply enhanced graphics.

Glad to see you got wireless working, as for this, v5200 ATI FireGL card, you may have to install the ati drivers. make sure you have the repo active,or download & manually install the drivers