Hello friends,
Where can I get SysV, I would like to revert SystemD to SysV.
Can anybody help me

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Unfortunately that won’t be possible with openSUSE, there is sysvinit and tools to use though, but init scripts are pretty easy to convert to systemd as well…

Hello and welcome to the openSUSE forums.

I do not know why you have chosen to use openSUSE because it already for some time a systemd based distribution.

None of the tools special to openSUSE support SysV anymore. And I assume also that many other packages rely on systemd for functioning (and those who still need Sysvinit will interface to the compatibility interface of systemd).

There was a time that one could install both and switch between them, but that a thing of the past AFAIK.

Thus I doubt this will be an easy way to walk.

Perhaps it’d be helpful to know reasons for wanting SysVinit.
In many cases where either the SysV script is entirely missing or is merely in the early stages of migration, SysVinit methods are fully supported, sometimes even automatically created on the fly.
In cases where the SysVinit scripts have been replaced completely with a binary, then generally only the systemd method is supported, but today those are still relatively rare.