Systems Services - user?

i was just wondering under which user accounts the services are executed.
Or more specific: The apache2 service is running, which user I have to give the rights in the www directory?

P.S. Opensuse 11.1

None; users have rights to use a service; root has rights to change it. Don’t give users rights to change a service,

Hi, thanks for your answer:
It is not about changing a service it is about the files in the www directory the apache service can access…

Normally i chmod it with 744, also can use for global access with 777. Also can change the user on specfic directory by chown command.

Some examples:

chown username /var/www/project_1

chmod 774 /var/www/project_1

You can read more about permissions.
Linux permissions

Thanks :-)…
why question was exactly aiming at which value username should have in the chown example (for the apache2 running as a service…)

It is in fact better for the files in /srv/www/htdocs to be owned by some other user than Apache (wwwrun), and for access to by Apache to be via world read (and search, for directories). This is so that in case there is some fault with the web app, it cannot overwrite files. The exceptions are areas where Apache must be able to upload files, e.g. photos, attachments. The web app installation procedure will mention such areas.

Thanks! That was what I was looking for!