Systemerrorcode -3030

Hello everybody,

i have a Intel ICH9R SATA/RAID Controller onboard, and work with six 500GB SATA-Disk.
I configured my first RAID with all six Disk on RAID-Level 0 with 336GB.
The second with RAID-Level 5 with 2047GB on the same disk array.
Then I partitioned the RAID’s with following configuration:


Partition 1 40GB / NTFS (primary, not mounted)
Partition 2 20GB / NTFS (primary, not mounted)
Partition 3 30GB / Ext3 (primary, boot, mountpoint “/”)
Partition 4 246GB / (ext. Partition)
Partition 5 120GB / NTFS (logical, not mounted)
Partition 6 120GB / NTFS (logical, not mounted)
Partition 7 6 GB / Linux-swap (logical)


Partition 1 2047GB / NTFS (primary, not mounted)

Then I tryed to install the openSUSE DVD-DISK and get during the formating ext3 partition following error message (it’s in German):


Bei der folgenden Aktion ist ein Fehler aufgetreten:
RAID-Partition isw_bfafigfga_RAID0_part3 (30.00 GB) wird formatiert.

Systemfehlercode: -3030**

I can not solve this problem. Thanks for futuring help.

Best regards…


is there someone specalist for this problems?
I can’t still fix this error.


I fixed this problem myself.


how ?? i have these problem

what did you do? Please share.