Systemd warning :

I got always this warning:

**/usr/lib/systemd/system/plymouth-start.service:15: Unit configured to use KillMode=none. This is unsafe, as it disables systemd's process lifecycle management for t**
he service. Please update your service to use a safer KillMode=, such as 'mixed' or 'control-group'. Support for KillMode=none is deprecated and will eventually be removed. 

Anything to be done ?

I can’t answer if there is a way to correct whatever is wrong with Plymouth. Plymouth is unnecessary bling. I keep it uninstalled.

Yes… Report the issue:

Sorry, ignore my comment. Senior moment — The issue is with plymouth not SDDM — I think I need to take a break :embarrassed:

Report to bugzilla done :

OS is upgraded from previous versions?

No, it is a fresh install.

Systemd developers introduce new feature by killing old feature. Plymouth/SUSE/openSUSE developers need time to cope with new behaviour.