systemd vconsole and root-symlink services take unholy time to finish.. What do they do exactly?

Can I skip them?

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systemd-analyze blame

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~> systemd-analyze 
Startup finished in 5974ms (kernel) + 10596ms (userspace) = 16571ms

~> systemd-analyze blame | head
  1598ms systemd-udev-root-symlink.service
  1238ms NetworkManager.service
  1087ms systemd-logind.service
  1010ms dev-hugepages.mount
   788ms rtkit-daemon.service
   743ms systemd-remount-fs.service
   697ms home.mount
   588ms systemd-udev-trigger.service
   447ms xdm.service
   433ms systemd-modules-load.service

OpenSuSE 12.3 RC1 Live KDE x86_64

I have already cut out from systemd (systemctl mask):
systemVinit & zoo
consolekit (and kde suspend/resume/power off/on work, so maybe its bug that console kit is still in?)
some networking, some mounting (debug…)

Started from 26 sec -> 19 sec just by readahead -> 16 sec.

(I also did slashed initrd size from 19MiB to 8MiB, but that only speeded startup by 0,5 sec !)

Now. I want to know what vconsole do (already masked it, whatever it is I do not miss it yet), and what systemd-udev-root-symlink do. Cuase systemd-analyze plot show them as main blockers.

Systemd-analyze plot after readahead kicked in but before optimalizations:](

after optimialization:](

So my total time is just over 5 seconds to your 16, but I use a SSD and in general, for a regular hard drive, yours does not seem all that bad but in fact seems pretty good to me. Have you thought about buying an SSD by chance?

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Sets font and keyboard layout on tty

and what systemd-udev-root-symlink do

What is not clear in service descriptions?

Description=create /dev/root symlink with dynamic rule

And please, next time use SUSE Paste to show images. I am greeted with advertisement when I try your links and personally have no intention to click further. Thank you.

  1. It take mighty long time to set up fonts and keyboard layout on those tty’s, and its prereq for 3/4 of all stuff that is executed by systemd on my notebook.
  2. It take mighty long time to set /dev/root, and its prereq for 3/4 of all stuff that is executed by systemd.

(Yes I must disable/repair both of those to gain 1/2 sec!)

So how can I manually set /dev/root (is it just “/” ?)