systemd equivalent of pm-utils powersave

I was going to follow the tips in this thread

When I attempted to install pm-utils it states that this function is superseded by systemd. So I sm trying to find the equivalent function from pm-utils in systemd to improve battery life so am reading here I cannot see any direct command.

Is there any advice on acpi in systemd to improve battery life?

I am not familiar with this, but a quick search gives me this

Is this helpful?

I personally use tlp <> for power management.

It is. I created udev rules like in the wiki to persist powertop settings. Works great. The overall effect is not that big, though. Go for the energy black holes first: tune down display brightness, set display switch off timeout, disable power hungry dedicated graphics like nvidia. Those two can double battery time alone. The rest is mostly academic and really not worth the hassle and the auto defaults are good. Unless you want to disable power management for certain devices. There was a time when opensuse cut power to usb when running on battery. Kind of bad when your mouse stops working every minute or so…

I am very glad it helps.

I agree with you on this. Over-tuning just does not fit my needs.

If anyone want to auto-suspend USB but not the mouse, at least the following two references can help. But I have not tried any of them. Both of them use blacklist to exclude mouse device from suspending.

  1. tlp -
  2. manually change the configuration -