systemd Dependency Failed for /var (Local File System)

So I installed openSuSE 12.3. I made fresh partitions for it and initialized disk as GPT (as boot sector is on my SSD drive anyway).

But during boot, this error popup. It seems like it can’t mount local file system from my HDD.

I’ve searched around about this, but there seems not be any useful information about this issue.

12.3 is not supported. You should have gone tothe Pre-release/Beta forum.

This thread is closed now and will be moved there.

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If you wanted to boot from a GPT SSD disk, you must boot from the openSUSE 12.3 DVD in EFI mode and at least for me, RC1 did not work in EFI mode, the display was unreadable. Further, for a small SSD of 128 GB or less, why even bother with a GPT disk? Sounds like you are going down a road that is not going to work, because openSUSE 12.3 RC1 has GPT problems and because it does not sound like you booted openSUSE 12.3 into EFI mode. I suggest for a SSD I wanted to boot from, to stick with an MBR disk. Have a look at the difference here (at the end is a how to link to convert a GPT disk back to MBR):

Creating Partitions During Install for MBR and GPT Hard Disks:

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You do not provide any useful information to even try to guess as well. Start with showing output of “fdisk -l” and /etc/fstab.