Systemctl -hybrid-sleep does not work anymore with the 410.73 driver

Hi all, I have been using “systemctl hybrid-sleep” to suspend my machine with nvidia drivers for years without problems.
Now with the latest nvidia driver (410.73) the machine does not shut down properly when I use hybrid-sleep.
The monitor is turned of, the harddisks spins down but some fans keep running.
I guess those are the fans of the videocard based on the sound I hear.

The strange thing is that, both “systemctl suspend” and “systemctl hibernate” are working as expected, just not “systemctl hybrid-sleep”
I have reverted back to the 390.87 driver and everything is working fine again.

I can not find anything in the journalctl log that explains to me what is the reason for this.
Here are the logs for the 390.87 and 410.73 drivers, starting from the moment I suspended the system untill boot up.


To boot up with the 410.73 driver I had to turn of the power of the system and then start up from the suspend-image that was written to disk.

So my question is if anybody can see in these logs what is going wrong?
My system is run by Leap 15 with the KDE/Plasma desktop from the standard repositories.

Thank you,