System wide automated program shouldn't be used in GUI ( long rpocedures )

I have been using openSUSE for some time and I love how everything can be managed by almost any user.

But I am considering that KDE or GNOME cannot hold responsibility for system wide modifications like UPDATING or CONFIGURATION and BACKUP.

Some processes are critical and if something gets corrupted then we have a really messy situation.

Sometimes this processes are long so since DE’s sometimes have problems and the whole thing can crash or freeze then we should be able to let the computer finish those things and then be able to reboot without so much hassle.

Hope this helps and TY for your attention. BD

Only root user can change system wide configuration . If you have multiple users only trusted users should have the root password. It should not really matter if it is done from a GUI Yast or KDE or gnome and the trusted user should only make system changes after giving appropriate announcements to the regular users to not start critical functions.

So maybe I don’t understand what the problem is that you are trying to articulate.