System very slow to shut down - sticking at closing networks

My system is very slow to shut down and when I Esc out of the splash screen to see what’s happening, I see it gets stuck at closing the network connections for about 40-60s before moving on.

Is there any way I can speed this up as it’s annoying having to wait over a minute for my system shut off?

What diagnostics can I run to see why is getting stuck?

Any help or suggestions with my problem? Are there any logs that monitor the shutdown process? It’s definitely the closing of the network adapters that seems to be holding the shutdown process up. I just don’t know what it is and don’t know how to log it.

These are troublesome to troubleshoot as normally the syslog is shutdown to.

So if you reckon you know what it is then try in the cli. See if you get some feedback try and track it down to the network connection daemon iirc this a bit of generic shutdown like wireless,wired and may even be things like samba and nfs. So bring each bit down and see if that hangs, bring one down and see if it shutdowns quicker.

I initially thought it was Wicd, the networkmanager I was using but I killed that before shutting down and it made no difference.

When you say shutdown using the cli, I assume you mean dropping out of KDE window to the cli. What’s the best way to shutdown a deamon. Can I just ‘kill’ it?