System V as default Init Program

How can I set “System V” as default option of “Init Program” (F5) in GRUB boot loader?
I’m running openSuse 12.1, and systemd (as init program) doesn’t start up network, netbios and samba services properly.

Note: I wouldn’t like to uninstall systemd because I’d like to test it time to time in order to return to use systemd when this bug to be solved.

Thank you very much.

I submitted a patch that partially solved the problem. See this post:

And the bug report: (I recommend reading it).

In the meantime, I replaced rcnmb start with systemctl restart --ignore-dependencies nmb.service for testing purpose and it still works.

If you have problems running programs at boot (aflter.local) which need services that haven’t been started, see this post: I had to use this trick on nfs clients to wait for rpcbind.

Thank you very much!