system tray update

I see updates in the system tray. I click in system tray and I get the prompt to enter superuser password. Before I can finish entering the password, it puts another prompt up erasing it. I finally enter in the password. I don’t see any display of updates downloading. I can’t click on anything to get it. I check yast-online update and no updates are available.

How do check for updates with the terminal? Note, I was using yast before to do online updates.

Open a terminal and write

# zypper refresh

“zypper refresh” is not what you want. Try these:

zypper  lu

then after that, just to see the difference, run

zypper lu --all

The difference is in the man pages for zypper (see man zypper – or to read it all do this: man zypper /home/your_username/Desktop/zypper.txt) e.g. here’s an extract:

   Update Management Commands
       list-updates (lu) [options]
              List available updates.

              This  command  will  list only installable updates, i.e. updates
              which have no dependency problems, or which do not change  pack‐
              age vendor. This list is what the update command will propose to
              install. To list all packages for which newer version are avail‐
              able, use --all option.

This command will update:

zypper up

but of course, read “man zypper” re “update” or make a Desktop copy as I showed above and browse the whole thing.

For new users, I prefer Yast → Software → Online Update because it is more discriminating, listing patches only and in various selectable categories. But you can do the same by zypper (look at “zypper lp”)