System tray + slow..Issues before update the August 2 :(

Hi! i update from factory repos, after this update, i was so glad to switch to opensuse 11 + kde 4.1, but now, the problems start…

1.- The machine now are SO slow, i have decent machine and no problems with other distros or opensuse after the update, compiz fusion + nvidia driver.

2.- The “system tray” widget disapear of my Panel, leaving a black box in her place, the only solution is EVERY TIME I BOOT enter at the menu “Add widget” → Remove “system tray” and then add again, uff.

Someone has the same issues? Plz help :confused:

I have the same issue with the system tray icons that are gone after the last update. I have no solution maybe a nice person can help us? Or we have to wait till the next update.

I update my whole system with release 21.1 the August 4…and this annoying bug is still around :s, the system speed its now better… :confused:

Four days before the bug is killed downloading the last release…DONE!

Removing the “Kerry” and “Beagle” applications, if they are not needed, may also help increase performance.


Sorry, but I don’t understand your post. I have the same issue about the system tray in KDE 4.1 since the beginning of August and I can not solve it by now. Were you able to solve this? By the way, I tried with different repositories (Factory and Suse 11) and nothing happens. I removed the “.kde4” folder each time I changed something but had no luck up to now.

Thank you very much!

Please…! Does anybody can help with this? (No system tray in KDE 4.1)

Updates pass by but the issue is not solved for me. It’s something that I’m not getting or there are other with the same problem? :?

Thanks for the help

santasemilla wrote:
> Please…! Does anybody can help with this? (No system tray in KDE 4.1)

it seems apparent that you cannot ‘hack’ your way though to happiness with
KDE4.x, so i quote “mingus725” who wrote the following (much better than i could
ever) on 13 Aug 2008:

“KDE 4 is still very young. It is recommended only for experienced users who can
hack their way around problems. If you have not upgraded from the installed 4.0
to 4.1, you can try that; 4.1 is much better. But still, it is undergoing active
development and at times things don’t work right. You would just have to see.
The better bet would be to install KDE 3.5.9; you can do that and leave KDE 4.1
installed, too. KDE 3.5.9 is very mature and stable. You could then use 3.5.9 as
your primary gui, and occasionally update your 4.1 and check it out; when your
4.1 is stable, you can switch to it as your primary. Many very experienced
openSUSE users are sticking with 3.5.9 until 4.x has had time to mature.”

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