system tray pavu volume control

Is there a way to get the pulse audio volume control into the system tray for convenience?
KDE 4.8 openSUSE 12.3 x86_64


As far as I an tell, the pavucontrol can not be setup as a system tray option as this is left to the selected desktop. I use KDE and just place its icon next to the Application Launcher along with a few other things. I have a bash script that works with pavucontrol you can find here:

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If you don’t need specifically pavucontrol, you can try plasmoid-veromix, which can be found in KDE:Extra repository

I guess either openSUSE, or KDE version is wrong there :wink:

Thanks solved by using the veromix widget and put it in the systemtray.
I have disabled kmix showing in the system tray.