System Tray Icons are invisible or wrong.

I would agree - but I think part of the issue is that KDE4 is still going through a lot of development. For most things it is pretty stable.

I know if I stick to KDE3.5 - it is solid as a rock. Same for XFCE.

KDE4 is doing so many neat things that I am “ok” if it hiccups occasionally. I really look forward to the day when KDE4 is as stable as KDE3.

For me, kde4 is already there. I’m not just saying that, I really do feel that it is the case. That’s not to say kde3 or gnome are not good, they are both excellent, Gnome probably the better choice between the two.
I’m sure there will be far more happy campers once 11.2 rolls out with kde4.3 - there should be no need for the mass migration to the build service (which to some extent is where the problems begin).