System Tray Creation Too Late (one more time)

OpenSuSE 11.2 / KDE4: The delayed system tray creation has again begun preventing the hplip device manager from putting itself in the system tray during the startup process.

Last time, someone suggested that I delete ~/.kde4. I did so and it fixed the problem, but I had to repersonalize the desktop afterward. Not a very good final solution.

So is the hp tray icon not ending up in the tray?

Generally, it should not happen with recent stable versions. I think it happened because of the incompatible changes in the configuration files during version update. If we want to fix it or find out what exactly was causing this, someone may want the compare the old configuration files with the new working set.

No need to remove the entire ~/.kde4 folder. It’s enough to remove the plasma* files from ~/.kde4/share/config. That way you would not loose your application settings, just the desktop appearance configuration (you’ll get the default KDE4 desktop).

To caf4926: correct, the icon is not ending up in the system tray. Not only that, the app dies trying.

To syampillai: not sure what is meant by “version update”. I did a clean install of 11.2.

To knurpht: thanks for the additional details. However, if possible I’d rather not have to keep going back to the default KDE4 desktop in order to fix this.

To all: Thanks for the responses. I wonder whether this behavior should be reported as a bug?

A hackish workaround which might work would be to make a script to start it in ~/.kde4/Autostart which says something like

sleep 5

then chmod +x it. Not ideal, but might work till you’ve figured out what’s really going on…

Made a phone call tonight…Removing the plasma-files does solve the problem, so it must be somewhere in those files. Maybe something else is recreated if they’re not there.

And…it’s not too much. All app-settings, your desktop folder etc. they all stay. Just the desktop appearance that you’d have to recreate.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I’ll mull over which to apply.