System Tray Broken

Upon installing recently a new snapshot (including 20180704-0) system tray stopped working correctly. Deletion and creation of a new one results in a working instance. Modifying its settings breaks it again.

Assuming this is KDE, I don’t see this issue. Any widgets additional widgets used?

Yes I’m using KDE. Deleted the panel and added a default panel. The issue remains. Configuring the system tray will kill its functionality.

And, ‘zypper dup’ was used? And a reboot/relogin afterwards ( I bet I know the answer, but still ).
Does the issue exist for a newly created user?
Anything in the logs?

Is there any particular kind of misbehavior that I should be looking for?

Switching to System Tray Settings > Entries > Clipboard > Shown causes System Tray to fail. See

I just tested that, and did not see any problems. But perhaps the problems you are seeing are display dependent.

I’ve previouly never tried that tray setting. For me, Clipboard always shows anyway, even if set to Auto.

I should add that I’m using Xorg, not Wayland. Plasma over Wayland still seems incomplete, though it’s probably time for me to give it another try.

I see issues now too. Wanted to test the modified updater, and after that the misbehaviour started. Some times the widgets don’t move up again, if I click the triangle the widget comes down, but will only disappear when the system tray settings are accessed.

Hoping for the problem going away with some update of Tumbleweed did not help. As a workaround I now run kquitapp5 plasmashell&&kstart5 plasmashell whenever the problem occurs.

Does this occur with a new user account as well?

Same behavior with new account: Changing visibility setting kills functionality of system tray, restarting plasmashell restores it.