System Tap with multiple shades of the same kernel in OpenSUSE 11.4

I’d like to use system tap to perform monitoring while I make a few changes to the operation of the kernel scheduler as part of my Masters research. I’m having difficulty establishing a set of files to maintain in version control. I need system tap to operate with each build, which will be modifications of kernel 2.6.37.

This system is a multi-boot and grub is located on a different partition and I would like to copy files between the two. Right now, I’m copying initrd and vmlinuz files and maintaining their revisions. I have a copy of /etc/src/linux-2.6.37… As I build, what else is needed to keep system tap operational?

The overall intent is to be able to reboot on any of the kernels, and perhaps with links and environment variables, take my measurements of the various kernel changes.

I’d appreciate any suggestions and thanks in advance!