System suddenly shuts down

Hi all,

This problem has been occurring for the last couple of months, it appears every time the system is under heavy load.

For example I’m using Luckybackup to backup my home & music folder to local drives, the system will suddenly shut down. As soon as it does, I am able to restart the system by pressing the power button on my PC ( hopefully ruling out overheating).

At other times, I’m using Virtualbox to install a different Linux OS & the system suddenly shuts down. Again I am able to restart the system immediately.

Have any of you ever heard of this problem, if so; what are your recommendations before I call out my local PC repair guy?

As you can by my signature I’m running the latest version of KDE, but this problem happened in earlier incarnatons of KDE too.


Sounds like overheating to me.

Are you overclocking any of your hardware? If yes, try setting back to stock speed, see if the issue disappears.

Is your computer reasonably clean inside and ventilated properly? You’d be amazed how much dust they suck in. Half the computers I’ve seen overheating were fine after vacuuming.

Also, technically the system shouldn’t shut down right away – there should be all sorts of temperature sensors, warnings etc. going off first. Try poking around the BIOS for this. Most modern motherboards should automatically slow down the CPU if it gets too warm.

Since you’re on KDE: there’s a system monitor plasma widget that tells you the current readouts from all the motherboard’s temperature sensors. Might be helpful to figure out whether it’s overheating or not.

Hope this helps!

Hi Kalenz,

At first I thought it was a case of overheating, but as I’m able to immediately restart the system; it suggests that it could be something else.

No overclocking on my system, have a Corsair Obsidian Series 800D, Full Tower Case meaning that there’s plenty of ventilation. Will try sticking the vacuum in & see what it sucks-up though :slight_smile:

Yes, about the shutdown, it’s as if someone flicked the off switch (it’s that quick).

I’ll look for that plasma widget, hopefully it’ll tell me where the problem lies.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

On 02/19/2012 08:26 PM, ashley194 wrote:
> At first I thought it was a case of overheating, but as I’m able to
> immediately restart the system;

on two different computers i had CPU forced shutdowns because of
overheating (which i could watch with a CPU temp readout) and both would
immediately restart (because the temp drops RAPIDLY once the CPU load
is removed…

just guessing, but i’d bet if you replaced the thermal grease and took
out all of the cat hair and whatever in the cooling fins of the CPU
heatsink the problem would go away…

and, you might need to get a bunch of air movement blocking cables under

if you are used to working inside the case do NOT do so until you have
read up on it (else you might die from a shock, or kill your motherboard
with a finger delivered static shock, or just muck up the whole
affair)…even if you are experienced inside the case, read my caveat
prior to starting:

Read what Distro Watch writes: