System Sounds Question

I’ve gone for a Star Trek Voyager theme with a clean install of 13.2. Changed all the system sounds to Voyager themed noises; Transporter for emptying waste bin; red alert for serious system error etc; but the one I want to change is the pop up asking for roots password if you open Yast etc. I can’t find it in the notification settings anywhere. Is there a way to change this (have an ‘Authorisation required’ clip to use).

If you are using KDE, it is under System Settings>Application and system notifications>Manage notifications>Player settings or, for more refined adjustments, Applications>Event source and then choose the events you want to change.


I know how to change the system sounds; I just don’t know where or even if you can change the ‘Root Password Required’ field.

That’s not possible I think.
kdesu seems to display a standard window and apparently doesn’t support system notifications at all.

You could probably create a shell script /usr/local/bin/kdesu though that plays a sound and then runs the regular kdesu. Something like:

play my_sound_file.wav &
/usr/bin/kdesu $@

(play is part of the sox package, you could of course use any other command line player as well, e.g. canberra-gtk-play which is the application that GNOME uses for playing system sounds)

There is a component for the “PolicyKit Authorization Dialog” (i.e. the one you get when you modify settings in Systemsettings/Configure Desktop like changing the date/time or configuring the login screen), but setting a notification sound for that doesn’t seem to have any effect either.