System settings, bug problem?

Hi guys, when I go to YAST>system> etc/sysconfig editor I notice that a lot of entries are listed twice. This can’t be right surely? Is it a problem or should I ignore it? Could some of you guys look at yours to see if this is common?

You could check if they are also twice represented in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager.

i believe there should be a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of
that pane where the (for example) “DISPLAYMANANGER_rand…” is listed,
and if you scroll you will see that one is

DISPLAYMANANGER_randr_mode_vga and the other maybe something like


Hm, that could be true for those with the … at the end, but I see a few shorter ones that are double: KDM_USERS, KDM_GREETSTRING and DISPLAYMANAGER.

OH…well, maybe one is KDE3 and the other KDE4??

on the other hand i know the OP has had many false starts and problems
with his/her system…so, there really is no telling what is going on

or, maybe the doubles is a big reason he has so many problems…


No they are not, Henk, There is a file called displaymanager.orig which seems to be a copy, although there are minor differences

Well, when they are only once in displaymanager, we can assume the file is allright. The .orig file might be made by YaST to save the original, or it might be done by a carefull system manager (you?) to have a backup. I do not see that the .orig file influences the strange behaviour.

When you have time left, you could do some experimenting, like changing a value in one of the first bunch, restoring it, changing in the second bunch, Each time exiting the YaST module and looking inside the file to see the wonders of nature ;).

I suppose this is in 11.2? As soon as I hop over (10.3 here, but dual boot) I will check what I have.

Checked on a fairly fresh install of 11.2 (32bit). They are not doubled here.

Hopped over to 11.2. Same as vodoo, no doubles there.

BUT, I got an idea, a bit to late, again in 103. NEVERTHELESS:

I copied *displaymanger *to and see: DOUBLES!
Must be the same on 11.2.

I think that when you delete (or move it away somewhere), your problem will be gone. Still strange.

yep. It’s reproducible here. Did a ‘cp displaymanager displaymanager.orig’ and … lights on … drums … all options show doubled in yast sysconfig-Editor.

I would call that a bug in yast.

Yes, but there may be some idea behind it. Something like: when a parameter is skipped from the file, there still is the notice that it could exist in the orig file. I am not sure is it would be a usefull thing to have. When yes, then it is not very well inplemented imho, the doubles should have been skipped.

Now we know how it works, wakou could make a report on

Thanks guys for tinkering with your own set ups to reproduce my “problem” I will move the x.orig out of the way and run it for a while, I will then submit it to bugzilla

I have the same thing (11.1)

Just getting in on here so I can second the bug report