System Requisite

Hi everyone,
I’d like to install an OpenSuse distribution on a macBook of the 2009
2,13 GHz Intel core 2 Duo
2 GB DDR" SDRAM - 800 MHz
Do you think that Leap 42.1 could run on it?
Otherwise do you maybe suggest another distribution that fits for a beginner user (it’s for my mother :wink: ) and could work with such low requisites?

Thanks in advance

You could certainly run LEAP on such hardware; the issue is the desktop you choose to use and what you want to do with it. If you use the standard KDE desktop, you will find that it will automatically disable certain features if it does not think you have the hardware to run them. If you still find KDE is too slow, you could install a lightweight desktop.

Unlike the Apple and Microsoft operating systems, Linux comes as many different pieces which you can combine to suit the situation you find yourself in.

If you want to do a lot of video editing, you will need a more powerful system but if you are looking for Internet access and some basic software to handle documents, photos, graphics and playing videos, you should have no problems.

I ran Leap, tumbleweed and now SLED (all GNOME DE) fine on a late 2007 MacBook with 2.5GB of ram, swapped out the HDD and put in an SSD and upgraded the RAM to 4GB now.

I’m running osX 10.7.8 on my MacBook3,1, can compile/build anything I like with fink… I find it just as flexible as openSUSE…

Writing this on my test laptop, late 2007 vintage, 2 GB 800 MHz RAM and Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T7100 @ 1.80GHz.
No issues for browsing, e-mail, generic LibreOffice work with Leap 42.1 Gnome; maybe KDE is a bit heavier.
Can play HD videos but video editing is better done on a faster box these days…

Quite interesting, whenever I have run GNOME 3 it seems much more heavier on the laptop than KDE. Maybe my hardware is just better with KDE. :slight_smile:


Hi Bo, maybe KDE just doesn’t like the basic GM965 graphics on my test box…

Hm. Could be the case. I gave up running GNOME on a semi-hidpi display (1920x1080). When using text scaling the UI will break several places, and icons etc. does not scale (using Hidpi scaling 2 makes stuff to big, not possible to scale 1.5). With KDE I can configure it.

I managed to scale with 2 and then using xrandr to scale out, but my fan started immediately, seemed too heavy on the machine. Anybody else having good advices how to make GNOME look good with higher resolutions?


With only 2GB RAM and a GPU that seems to entirely use shared memory (no dedicated memory unless I overlooked something in the specs), maybe the full Gnome Desktop is a bit too much of a load.

If you like the Gnome look and feel, maybe you can try the XFCE Desktop and have better success…

Skimming this for the GPU technical specs