system requirements & system crashes

Can anyone tell me what the system requirements are to install open suse because Evey time i try to install it it either freezes or I get some error message .

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Though you might get better help if rather than,
I get some error message

We get
the error message is …

> Can anyone tell me what the system requirements are to install open suse
> because Evey time i try to install it it either freezes or I get some
> error message .

welcome to openSUSE!

be sure and read all the stuff at
because, it could be that your system exceeds all requirements but you
are trying to install from a bad CD/DVD…

like Feather Monkey said: what kind of error are you getting? when?

freeze when? if after a completed install, then search this forum for
previous posts with the word freeze in the subject line…

here, just click here and see all the various things that might
cause a freeze, lockup, crash or hang after a successful install (of
course, we don’t know when the freeze occurred, do we?):

the more you tell the more likely you might get some useful
help…here, read this also:

keep at it, and eventually you will be Having Fun with the rest of us…


I manage to get open suse 10.3 on but my computer isn’t accepting it very well I’ve gone threw like 8 linux distributions. like how do i get my wifi adaptor to work and when it update it will install then after it will say new software is ready for your system and download the same thing as it did before.

We don’t know what advice to give really because we have no idea what your system specs are.

What do you mean by system specs??

How much RAM you have, what kind of CPU (32-bit/64-bit), what speed it is, how much disk, what model motherboard. And later on, what model of video card, NIC, sound, etc.

See the info in my signature.
Like that but as much detail as you can.

Compaq presario v2000
Processor (CPU): Mobile AMD Sempron™ Processor 3000

HARD DRIVE: 40 GB 4200 rpm
CD DRIVE: DVD/CD-RW combo drive
BATTERY: 6-cell lithium ion

Anymore system spec info you need ?

384MB is a rather low amount of RAM for installing from the Live CD, if you are using that. You didn’t say if you were using the CD or DVD.

A DVD was used 1st then I tried a cd…

On those specs maybe a lighter distro is more suited, I would lean toward Xubuntu and its alternate installer.
XFCE is quite light compared to Gnome and KDE.

You should be able to install with the dvd, but use xfce desktop. It might help if you disable the use of images in the installer, you can switch this at the install summary.
Or as suggested, try a lighter distro. Plenty of choice.

Zenwalk’s really nice. Requires…

* Pentium III class processor
* 128 Mb RAM
* 2Gb HDD

And it will still probably run quite quickly. Don’t know how they do it, to be honest. :slight_smile:

Ubuntu Is an operating system that will work with this machine I had it installed once before however because of space issues in the hard drive I was forced to uninstall it. For example I was logged in as a administrator but It won’t not allow me to perform administrative task, In addition the computer Had erased the program thats were under the applications category. when i went into terminal to diagnosis the problem I restarted the computer and the Windows xp Chk disk screen came on which never happened. ( I let the computer decided how to re size partition of the hd.