System powering off by itself

Strange problem started appearing…
After system boot, system powering off on its own after few minutes of doing or not doing anything. I cannot discover by the logs who is initiating poweroff.
Probably came something on updates I made 10 days ago, but I cannot tell what went wrong.

Problem is that there are around 0.5 GB of new updates which I cannot download all due to poweroff problem… lol…

Anyone had similar issue?

11.4 KDE x64

Which logs did you check ?

Years back when my CPU fan was clogged with dust, and my motherboard was heating up, I had such a problem. But I think I saw an entry, either in dmesg or /var/log/messages or /var/log/warnings

You can check EXACTLY what packages you installed 10 days ago with the command:

rpm -qa --last | less

I agree with oldcpu that this sounds rather like a hardware-issue (except when “powering off” is meant as in “booting down”). Reasons can be clogged fans, improper SATA-adapters, flawed power supply and many more…

Yea, nothing odd in logs (same as I pressed shutdown button), however, last packages I installed was actually, KDE. So what I did:
I booted in console, did upgrade of KDE, and miraculously, problem disappeared :slight_smile:

Something in previous KDE made clean shutdown on its own. (probably decided that I shouldnt use computer and get a life, ahahahah)