system permanently freezes after boot

The system boot normal and even reach the login screen, but freeze totally.
Anyone have experienced something similar?
Any clue for where begin to study?

Videocard is ???
Desktop environment ???

Videocard: Integrated ATI Radeon™ HD 3000 GPU (integrated in a Asus M5A78L-M PLUS/USB3)
Desktop environment: Gnome

The system works fine for 4 months, and unexpectedly after a reboot, show the login screnn, but totaly freeze , and recovery options aren’t diferente
(Now I will try to access to logs from a live botting).

At what stage does it freeze ? Can it boot to run level 3 ? (do you need guidance on how to boot to run level 3 ? ).

The freeze is definitely on level 5, I am thinking that I can boot on level 3, I will tell you in few hours.

Thanks in advance

ok, I sucesfully entered to system in level 3

And I found some systemctl entries failed:


the disk looks good, no error reported by smartctl
network still down

Some more info, looking the logs with journalctl, I found that some errors begin with:

[date] [host] systemd-modules-load[412]: Failed to find module ‘sg’
[date] [host] systemd[1]: Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.
[date] [host] systemd[1]: systemd-modules-load.service: Failed with result ‘exit-code’.

and after that

[date] [host] systemd-udev [some pid] ]: could not find module by name=‘i2c_piix4’.

and a lot others …

and many repeticions of:

[date] [host] systemd-udev [some pid] ]: could not find module by name=‘hid_generic’.


This is beyond my level of knowledge to help.

Archlinux has a wiki which may or may not be of help (note that is speculation on my part) :

I discovered that archlinux reference in this post:

… but as noted - this is beyond my knowledge level.