System Notification Volume

I can’t seem to adjust the volume for any system notifications. If I do adjust them they just go straight back to 100%

I am using KDE sound mixer as volume control in the system tray and normal music volume control works fine. But the slider for system notifications has no effect on the system sounds themselves.

I have a set of custom sounds for some of the main notifications - Startup, shutdown, empty wastebin etc is this the problem?

I have changed all the settings I can find in:

  • System Settings > Multimedia > Phonon > Notifications
  • System Notification Settings > Manage Notifications > Event Source KDE Workspace > Player Settings Tab.

My onboard audio is the preferred card, and all other music settings/controls work.

Don’t know where else to look?

(Running 12.3 with KDE desktop)

That is no differenoe to KMix behaviour on 12.2 KDE. Do they respond to Master Volume changes?

If I adjust the master volume it changes system notification sounds.

But I tend to have the master volume louder than I need system notifications - I can live with it though.

I agree it would be better to have two independent volumes. If I find a way to adjust properly, I will post it here.

BTW on 12.2, the system sounds slider doesn’t move properly and is really unusable.


I never really used 12.2 all that much; it was dual booted with W7 and was there really for me to have a play. But when 12.3 came out, I formatted W7 out of my life! So now all the little things that I never noticed before are surfacing…in a good way.

Going to see if I can lower the volume of the actual sound file itself, maybe in audacity. Could be a work around.

That worked. reduced the volume of the file by 50% in Audacity. Works like a treat.

Now I don’t get scared witless when I hear the sound of a Photon Torpedo every time there is a system message!

Good idea. :slight_smile: That should be simple for audacity, and backup the unedited file(s) to /home/user/ beforehand in case recovery is needed.