System not bootup from 4.10.13 kernel

Sometime ago when I was on 4.10.13-1 kernel, as usual I update my tumbleweed by sudo zypper up. There was a new kernel (4.11.0-1). When I updated a system I perform a reboot. During booting (after grub and selecting system) my notebook start running very loud and gets hot. I was waiting very long time and system still wont start properly (graphic mode didnt load), so I reset it and start again. I do this few times and still nothing. So I change to boot from previous kernel (4.10.13-1). With previous kernel I did not have any problems, system started properly. So I waited for new kernel update. I am after few updates with new kernels and system still wont start on kernels above 4.10.13-1. Last kernel I can run is 4.10.13-1. Someday when I was trying to boot from newest kernel and it fail system generated report rdsosreport. Please have a look at it

Apart from having no knowledge about your real problem, I want to point you to the fact that you should update a Tumbleweed system with

zypper dup --no-allow-vendor-change

I had a similar problem

Finally you switch to Leap? I wonder if reinstall will help.

@hcvv I didn’t know that. I will keep it in mind.

I’ve also tried Kernel4.12.rc but the result is negative, not part.
The last part with my Computer is 4.10.

Hi GarryMoveOut,

The machine you are using, is that a HP/Compaq ?


No, I have got Asus K52JC with Intel i3.

Ah Ok thnx,
It looks like V_idocq and I have the same problems. Both he and I have HP machine.

Thnx for your problem


@Henk van Velden
What does this command do, zypper dup does not do well?

  115.167071] linux-86z6 systemd[1]: sysroot.mount: Mounting timed out. Stopping.

One possibility is that there is pending balance that is resumed when you mount. Try mounting manually with skip_balance option, it may help.

I never do this. I couldn’t find some clear information how to do this. I need to modify fstab or change parameters in grub?