system monitor Temperature in Degrees


I’ve noticed that there is a integrated system monitor for opensuse 13.1, and it seems to be quite nice.
The sad thing about it is, it shows Temperature in Fahrenheit.

I did not find a way to change that in that panel directly, yet is there maybe a system file? so that one could enter the conversion factor?

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Which Desktop Environment and what system monitor are you talking about?
If in doubt, post a screenshot. (upload it to a image sharing site like and post a link)

On my systems (KDE4) the “integrated system monitor” displays the temperatures in Celsius.

gimp is so messy for small work. isnt there also something simple as paint in MSWindows?

Try Kolourpaint. It’s not installed by default, but is in the standard repos.
And for a screenshot you can use KSnapshot, or just press the “PrtScr” key on your keyboard… :wink:

Ok, so this is KDE and the standard system monitor plasmoid.
As I said, this displays the temperature in Celsius for me:

This is decided by your Locale settings in “Configure Desktop”->“Locale”.
In particular, set the “Measurement system” to “Metric System” on the “Other…” tab (instead of “Imperial System”).

And better check first that your country is set correctly on the “Country” tab… :wink:

yep, now it works. strange, i thought i set country setting to my location.
but maybe it was because of the unit system.

ok now it works. thanks!

Well, you can set both independently. F.e. you could set the country to USA (which has “Imperial System”) and then change the Measurement system to “Metric” even so.
But if you change the country, all other settings should be set automatically to the country’s default.

ok now it works. thanks!

You’re welcome.