System monitor in Gnome Opensuse 11.1 is WHITE


When i start the system monitor in Gnome opensuse 11.1, the window starts but its white, nothing can been seen.

Can you help please.


Any help from moderators???

ajuc wrote:
> Any help from moderators???

why do you assume only moderators help here?

you say “the system monitor”–there are lots available…could you
specify which one you are using?

has it been like that from initial install…or was it okay initially
and then just ‘suddenly’ stopped working right…

do you see any error messages if you launch the system monitor from a

try turning off desktop effects–any change?

any change if you turn windows transparency up/down/off/on?

what graphics chip/board are you using? using a GNU or proprietary
driver? any change if you swap drivers?

what system attribute(s) are you needing to monitor? [that is, are you
having a particular problem needing a close eye, or what?] can you
meet your monitoring needs by using top?


This solved the probelm Thank you goldie for pushing me

type “ALT-F2” and in the run dialog box enter “metacity --replace”

Regards all

Well i found that solving that way disables the desktop effects, it eaither the desktop effects without the windows borders( close max, min) and white Gnome terminal and system monitor, or disabling the desktop effects with this command in run (metacity --replace), can’t i have both.??