System Monitor HDD

I am using the plasma widget “System Monitor - Hard Disk”. It shows temperature readings for one of my two Seagate Barracuda SATA drives, but not the other. Does anyone know what/where I can fix this?

The drive that shows temperatures is:ST31000340AS
The one that doesn’t show is:ST31500341AS

Hmmm. By the model numbers it should work for both. Is there a specific (per drive) smart/monitoring setting in BIOS?

No. I’m on an HP Pavilion a6207c Desktop PC. To note that this is really not a life threatning problem, but it does bug me to no end when something doesn’t work completely. LOL

Is the widget using an underlying application, eg hddtemp? If so you
need to tweak the /etc/sysconfig/hddtemp file for your hard drives

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“That” was what I was looking for. Problem resolved. Thank-you malcolmlewis.