System monitor freezing

GNOME system monitor is constantly freezing and not responding when i click on first tab ‘System’ Do somebody knows some workarounds for this issue? It’s the same on freshly installed system and also on updated GNOME 2.28 from stable repository.

Sometimes on second or third atempt it is working, but i cannot accept such an level of unstability and bugs, discovered on daily basis of testing openSUSE 11.2.

There are much more very basic issues in this release which are normal for beta stage, but not for almost 3 moths old system…

I haven’t run into this problem personally. Why don’t you open a terminal and watch top while navigating the System Monitor? There might be a clue there.

I had this problem many times! I know what you are talking about… I opened a bug report, and I noticed that others have too this problem, and there are a few bug reports regarding this Gnome System Monitor problem.

Read the thread I opened yesterday:

GNOME System Monitor freezes - openSUSE Forums

And this is the Bugzilla Report link: