System momentarily hangs for a few seconds.


I had a problem where my system momentarily hanged for a few seconds. Sometimes when opened a window like Dolphin or when I made a window full screen, sometimes when clicking on the screen while watching a DVD or sometimes when I clicked on a button it just froze for a few seconds and responded.

I have fixed the problem by disabling “Processor Power Managament” in the Bios.

I Hope this will help some of you guys with similar problems. Btw - this happenend on my desktop computer. See specs in my signature



Could be a known bug:


Thanks for the suggestion! I was really sure by changing my Bios setting it made a difference, but my system still hangs momentarily for a few seconds - unfortunately. I ran top from terminal and Xorg runs at 62000. Is that normal?

I also tried your advice but it didn’t help. :frowning:

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks