System info-/-Desktop res-/-wobbly windows

Hi Here I am new sorry if this has been asked before.
I have downloaded and installed I think leap from

I have a high end gaming system ive managed to find instructions to install the drivers for my graphics card Nvida geforce gtx 1070
and have them installed. But how to set a decent resolution the clock on the taskbar is big but the taskbar buttons and menus are so small its hard to read them they are like 3/4mm high. Also how to enable desktop effects like wobbly windows.

Yes I am on KDE what ever I dont even know how to find out what version off opensuse I have installed and what version off KDE it is?

so three things
1)Info about the system(program version ect… )?
2)Set a decent resolution/menu font size?
3)wobbly windows how to?

Its probably 42.? kde latest but not sure.:expressionless:

First thing current Leap is 42.2 You downloaded the alpha version of 42.3 which has not released by it’s very nature being alpha it will be very buggy. If you are not a developer with a good knowledge of Linux best stay away until it gets to beta quality at least. Maybe in a few months. Drivers are generally way behind the OS development and may or may not work with cutting edge kernels and OS. SO unless you purpose is to test 42.3 your are best served to go with the current Leap version 42.2.

42.2 here

If you want more adventure try Tumbleweed it is the rolling release and is cutting edge. I recommend some knowledge of Linux though since being a rolling release it sometimes will break, Though over all it has been pretty stable for most.

The installed version is 42.2 I belive as it conmes up under boot up.
Ive seemy figured out the desktop font size bascialy changed everything from 10point font to 16 point;)
but desktop resolution and wobblle still to work out.

The link you posted says at the top:

Download openSUSE 42.3 Alpha

Thus I can only repeat what gogalthorpe already said: this is not the current openSUSE version! It is from the place where the developers are busy building and testing 42.3. It can have all sorts of bugs, including saying it is 42.2.

Please do not use it when you do not want to participate in building and testing it. And when you want to participate in building and testing it, do not ask questions about it here. People here are simple openSUSE users that have one of the current versions running (Leap 42.1, Lwap 42.2 or Tumbleweed) and will not be able to help you.

Our advice: install from openSUSE Leap - Get openSUSE