System hangs on shutdown

Intermittently (more often than not) system hangs for up to 2 mins on shutdown.

Here is and excerpt from the logs using “journalctl -b -1 -u init.scope”.

Aug 02 08:10:52 fssd-OS151 systemd[1]: Reloading.
Aug 02 08:10:52 fssd-OS151 systemd[1]: Dependency dropped
Aug 02 08:12:58 fssd-OS151 systemd[1]: Closed LVM2 poll daemon socket.

hangs for 2 mins!!

Can somebody decipher this for me please? :slight_smile:


Are you using LVM??

It would appear LVM is installed … not of my doing that i am aware of however:

Well the question was really do you have a LVM partition. If not you probably don’t want to use LVM2. I recall seeing several threads fairly recently about this problem with slow shut down when there was no LVM partition.