System "hangs" because of cron

I installed OpenSuse 11 and have the following errors:
after the system running some hours (over night) it hangs- I cannot make a shutdown nor start an application. i just can start a shell. after entering ps -A I see a cron process over 20 times.
the only way to restart the pc is to use the reset-key…
my hardware:
amd quadcore
4gb memory
3ware 9550sx 4lp raid controller with 4 hds in raid 5
3ware 8006 2lp raid controller with 2 hds in raid 0

ldap with samba as pdc
vmware server 1.7
webmin latest version

does anyone know the cause for this symptoms?

Starting from the bottom and working up see if /var/log/messages specifies anything that could indicate what’s making the system lockup.

Also check /etc/cron.d & /etc/cron.daily for jobs that might be causing this. You can list cron jobs for users by running (as root):
crontab -u <username> -l

Is it possible that hibernation or standby is trying to kick in and failing?

thank you for your fast reply. I will check this tonight when I´ll be back at home.
Where can I see if hybernation or standby are causing problems?

Later I will post the results of crontab and the log

/var/log/pm-suspend.log can give indication of problems with suspending.

I would first try disabling suspend (using the power option tools specific to your DE) to see if the system is still responsive in the morning.

Good luck :slight_smile:

have now checked the pc:

there are some files in cron.dayly:

entering crontab -u root -l shows: (from webmin application)

in var/log/messages: there are no suspicious informations.
But in var/log/warn I have the following entries:

powersaved[3299] WARNING (CpufreqManagement:52) No capability cpufreq_control
kernel: ACPI Exception (thermal -0465): AE_ERROR, ACPI thermal trip point state changes
kernel: Please send acpidupt to
powersaved [3299]: WARNING (continueEvent:250) Could not execute program /usr/lib/powersave/scripts for event daemon.scheme.change: No such file or directory
kernel: powernow-k8: MP systems not supported by PSB Bios structure

I have no pm-suspend.log on the system