system hangs after booting!

Hi everyone!
I have a serious problem…Since yesterday my system hangs up will start up and does not enter… Actually booting works and i can also see th start screen, but not the screen when the modules and kde is loaded. This is even the same problem with the recovery mode.
I took a look inside zypper log if something has been changed - via a life usb- but nothing which should concern the system. I also took a look at /var/log/messages but also there seems to be no entry with regard to the problem.

What might be the problem is that i was trzing to get a small script working which should sync some folders, i placed this in /etc/init.d and made it executeable and made symbolic links to this script in rc0.d and rc6.d. That is all. I already deleted the files, but still the same problem…

my system hangs up at the point directly after the server directory 389 is reached and is marked with the green OK in the startup screen…Unfortunately I also do not know more, but i do need help!

Thanks - Benjamin!